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The Results of the Spring 2010 Survey

This survey was designed by the class of Spring 2010. Here are all the results. Please comment on the results, and the design of the survey below!

We had 116 responses, but the survey will only let us "see" 100, without paying. This is a great resonse!

Number of skipped questions: 0

1) How often do you practice yoga?
Daily: 14.0% (14)
1time a week: 14.0% (14)
2-3 times per week: 25.0% (25)
monthly: 24.0% (24)
Never: 23.0% (23)

2) How often do you meditate?
Daily: 18.8% (18)
1time a week:6.3% (6)
2-3 times per week: 20.8% (20)
Monthly: 8.3% (8)
Never: 45.8% (44)

3) How often do you follow a vegetarian diet?
Daily: 26.8% (26)
1 time a week: 3.1% (3)
2-3 times per week: 27.8% (27)
monthly: 2.1% (2)
never: 40.2% (39)

4) How do you gage happiness?

answered question 100/skipped question 0

Personally 84.0%

Spiritually 38.0%

By how physically healthy I am 31.0%

By my material sucess 4.0%

By social standards 9.0%

5). Do you expect yoga to help you live in the present moment?

answered question100/skipped question0

yes 60.0%
no 4.0%
maybe 17.0%
does not apply, I do not practice yoga 19.0%

6). How do you cope with your emotions during extreme situations (such as the loss of a loved one)?

answered question100/skipped question 0

very well 12.0%
well 35.0%
fine/okay 38.0%
poorly 13.0%
very poorly 2.0%

7). How much does society effect your perception of self?

answered question 99 skipped question 1

Extreme, I measure my success by societal standards 1.0%
Important, but not the only significant factor 49.5%
Not very important 43.4%
Not at all, I feel independent of society 6.1%

8). How important is the role of yoga in your life?

answered question 98, skipped question 2

Not important, do not know what it is. 17.3%
Mildly important 40.8%
Significant 17.3%
Very important 24.5%

9)How do you find balance spiritually, mentally and physically?

answered question 45/ skipped question 55

This was our "qualitative" or open ended question.

- relaxation and removing myself from stressful situations.
- With Faith, Meditation Hatha Yoga Pranayama & support of sangha
-it is a challengework hard to incorporate accupuncture, yoga, walking, meditation and fun over the course of a week. In my ideal world I would practice yoga and meditation daily but hard to do this in my current religious faith is also a component, and good friends !
- I keep a "spiritual diary" where I reflect on how I spend the hours of my day. I strive to find a balance between my work, relationships, and my own practice -- not always easy but necessary.
-Through my practice, my faith, my family and my community.
- I practice mental/spiritual balance, just like I practice physical balance. Over and over. The word yoga relates to relationship, engagement. Yoga gives you a mechanism to access and engage all the relationships of life. Identity, time and space. We live in a binary world. Yoga gives you an opportunity to to get into the razor's edge space between action and reaction (or any two anythings) and decide what to do. You can decide to do anything with the flow of your own life. Yoga wants most for you what you want most for yourself. Yoga invites you to access, harness and unleash your own limited, mortal talents in the world to make yourself and the world shine most brightly. What you leave behind is your immortality. And because the light of the divine shines as every possibility, the more you taste of life, the more divine you become. The most yogic people are the ones making the most of their talents in a way that enriches the world. And they may not ever study yoga! The outward appearance of any particular way of spirituality/religion doesn't necessarily reflect the actuality of practicing that form of spirituality/religion. I could go on and on. I hope your study of how yogic North Americans are is enlightening, so to speak.
-By taking myself to my deathbed & look back at the present moment. It gives me perspective & allows me to let go of attachment & focus on the essence of love.
- balancing my time
-Regular practice, compassion, mindfulness
-yoga and al-anon
-It is a perpetual practice.
-Taking time for myself
-I have always been active in my church, I am also in the church choir. I am an active person, love skiing riding horses and bikes I am close to some freinds and my family.
-I just live one day at a time.
-A daily practice of prayer, japa mala (prayer beads), and at least some yoga postures or stretching. I take 1-2 yoga classes each week, work out 1-2x/wk, and teach 7-8 yoga classes/wk. I tend to move to quickly and take on too much, so to come back into balance I need to rest, stop trying so hard, and maybe take a bath!
-By thoughtful reflection, walks in nature, gardening, praying, going to a beautiful place with friends, reading meaningful words, being with family
-I don't!
-relax, walk, talk to friends, have quiet time by self
-thru practice of yoga, meditation, nature
- Taking care of myself, listening to my needs and doing for others
-Keep searching. Trying to get enough sleep. Stretching, singing, laughing.
-meditation, physical exercise including stretching, reading books focused on spirituality, being outside
-I'm in continual free-fall. Balance is for those who disdain chaos
-I would say I don't have balance in the physical realm... but the spiritual, mental, psychological realm is good.
- Still working on that.
- I run, lift weights and dance. (Yoga is a little too slow paced for me.) Also, when the people in my life are happy. I find balance when I am actively engaged in all three areas.
- stay focused but flexible in my pursuit of goals
-by sleeping, staying rested, refusing to feel stressed and by surrounding myself with only positive people
-day to day, living in the moment with an eye to the future
- Inner reflection (meditation if I have time), through appreciation of music, and the intake of cannabis.
-Walking, music, thinking.
-I need daily exercise, time to read, relax before bedtime.
-reading, talking to friends and family, walking, being outside
-centering myself
-all three
-Through friends
-gardening and walking in the woods or out in the pasture.
-A commitment to attention to what my body is experiencing moment to moment. This is the greatest help for me to gain clarity and hence balance in all realms.
-i weigh them all equally on a scale and try my best to keep that balance even. I keep a happy open heart full of love and a mind that is continually searching for answers to life's persistent questions and I am sure that when i feel the need to push my body a little further I do so.
-almost daily aerobic exercise and eating healthily
-Running followed by Sun salutations.
-praying and trying to figure myself out
-making art

10) What is your level of education?

answered question 100 skipped question 0

High School 3.0%
Some college 22.0%
College 29.0%
Trade School 1.0%
Certificate 0.0%
Graduate School 36.0%
PhD 9.0%

11) What is your gender?

answered question 100

Female 80.0%
Male 18.0%
Other 2.0%

12) What is your age?

answered question

25 and under 35.0%
25-35 20.0%
36-50 20.0%
51-65 24.0%
65+ 1.0%

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